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Announcing 3 New Bingeable Shows Coming This Summer To Channel Fluxx! 

We wanted to thank all our subscribers for joining us for our first pilot season. Because of your excitement and support, this was a huge success! We never thought we would see so many talented people and such creative shows, and we're excited to bring you more. 

Filmmakers from The United States to the UK, students to professionals, all passionate about their projects, submitted 9 amazing pilots. We want to thank all the teams who participated and shared their ideas with our channel. This season, we decided to pick up three of those pilots for full seasons.

Downloadable Cakes (DLC) 

Downloadable Cakes (DLC)


Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Cake

STRANGER THINGS Eggo Surprise Cake

All new show staring Lacy Jay, Our Geeky Cake maker. 

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Review Fluxx

Horizon Zero Dawn


Review Fluxx follows Trevor's adventure into gaming as he goes slumming around Europe in a zombie apocalypse while playing Chronicles, the newest addition to Black Ops 3 or as he takes an in-depth,out-of-mind look at one of the best games of the year, Horizon Zero Dawn; but does it stand up to Trevor's standards?


But why review an expansion? Because Zombies is the shit. Zombies Chronicles features eight maps throughout the series history, including Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-la, Moon, Origins, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa.

Channel Fluxx Pilot Season : 
Super Tease 2016 

Channel Fluxx is proudly airing nine brand new pilots this week, a unique blend of creative shows from visionary filmmakers. Your feedback helps us choose the shows you'd like to see more of, so check out the premiere schedule below and subscribe for some fantastic new series.

9 New Pilots Coming To Channel Fluxx This Holiday! 

Channel Fluxx has officially announced 9 brand new pilots coming to their YouTube channel, helping creators find financing for their web series. Two months ago, we ran an open pitch season where anyone could submit their ideas for consideration of a pilot. 

After going through a ton of submissions from around the world, we’ve now chosen our fall pilot season. Below is a list of all the new series we’ve got coming down the pipeline for consideration

Channel Fluxx Open Pitch Season Launch Sept 3rd - Oct 8th 

We're a Youtube network that wants to finance your next web series. We're only interested in the most creative, outlandish and unforgettable. Any genre, any style- we want you to SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Pitch season starts now, and minimum requirements are a production-quality video pitch and a one-sheet breakdown of your series. There is no entry fee, we uphold a strict NDA, and ten talented groups will receive a micro-budget to produce a pilot. Our pitch season isn't a competition; views and comments help, but the few that'll receive $2,500 to produce their six webisode season will be chosen based on our criteria. That's so Mr. 10 Million-Followers over there doesn't make off with a 'win.' We want the best.

SPCA Sarah McLachman Parody Video - One week left to get in your pitches! 

The gang at Channel Fluxx spoof those old Sarah McLachlan SPCA ads to show you there is help out there for your web series. Pitch us your ideas, and we may hire you to produce a pilot, and maybe even a whole series.

Channel Fluxx LIVE: Q&A Part 1
What is this all about?

Lester and Trevor, producers at Channel Fluxx, answer your questions about who we are, what Channel Fluxx is and how you can be a part of it! 

Channel Fluxx LIVE: Q&A Part 2 Answering your questions about our New YouTube Network.

Answering all of your questions with just two weeks left to submit pitches for this Pitch Season. We sit down with Executive Producer, Lester Bullock, and some of the other Producers at Channel Fluxx, to answer your questions. The deadline to submit your pitch is October 8th!

We're a Youtube network that wants to finance your next web series. We're only interested in the most creative, outlandish and unforgettable. Any genre, any style- we want you to SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Channel Fluxx: Original Promotional Video
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