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So you want to be a showrunner?

Channel Fluxx's Pitch Season is an open call to all creators who have a story to tell. So how are you going to stand above the crowd? Here are some helpful tips from the crew at Channel Fluxx!


‌• Make sure your video demonstrates your visual and audio quality in a 1-3 minutes. Webcam footage makes it hard to determine if you have the equipment and knowledge to produce a show.


‌• Your one-page sheet should be detailed, with ideas on what your plotlines might be if you were picked up for a full season. Details about your characters and their surroundings is a serious plus.


‌• Dream vividly, but make sure your goals are obtainable. We are looking for original and fantastic ideas, but you have to consider the budget, time restraints, and expectations.


‌• You've got nothing to lose; bring the gusto and make sure your enthusiasm for the project shines through. We want to see your passion, feel your energy, and know the love you have for the world you've created.

The final deadline is coming soon, so make sure you get in your submission before then!

Thank you for the submission. Please make sure to subscribe for updates!

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